Make Life Better With Nature

Touch of NatureTime 2.5 hrs
You will love this personalised treatment which targets renewal and revitalisation from head-to-toe! First an organic warm Coconut Body Scrub reveals the youthfulness of your skin. A warm Coconut Oil Body Massage then soothes both body and mind. Next, an organic Facial Treatment and Facial Massage lifts years of tension. Finish with Personalised Massage Therapy. YOU tell the therapist where to work!$
Exotic Chi Wa SiamTime 2.5 hrs
This one-of-a-kind treatment makes use of the ancient Northern Thailand massage stick to stimulate energy lines. It begins with hot herbal compresses and traditional Thai Massage followed by a blend of Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy oils and the massage wand. This original, rare, Exotic Chi Wa Siam Massage leaves you restored, pain-free and energised.$
Coco Mango PackageTime 2.5 hrs
Our sweet and savoury treatment is your pathway to tropical bliss. Begin with a Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub blending Coconut Butter, Shea Butter and Mango to uncover the youthfulness of your skin. Delight in a Body Wrap Cocoon to rehydrate dry skin with a fragrance to enchant the senses. Next, treat your complexion to a renowned Pevonia Purifying Facial Treatment and finally yield to a warm Coconut Oil Body Massage to leave skin delightful and delicious!$
Coconut Nourishing PackageTime 2.5 hrs
To stimulate blood flow and encourage new skin growth, begin with a Natural Coconut Body Scrub to remove dry skin using finely ground coconut husks and shells. Indulge yourself with a Coconut Hot Compress Massage to relieve pain, stiffness and backache. Finally, Coconut Hot Oil Massage Therapy unlocks tense muscles, improves circulation and moisturises sensitive, dry skin as the scent of fresh coconut works to alleviate stress and anxiety.$
Scalp Spa PackageTime 2.5 hrs
This scalp treatment protects and enriches the scalp transporting your crown to new levels of health and beauty. Our herbal Chi4 Secret Charms Silky Scalp formula deeply moisturises and restores scalp and hair to its youthful splendour. Follow this with a guaranteed tingle as we apply Chi4 Beauty Secret Charms Rich Body Scrub combined with the magic of an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage.$
Chi Wa Siam PamperingTime 2.5 hrs
Enjoy our ultimate beauty treatment which provides delight after delight. Revel in the delicious sensation of a full-body Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage after we perform a professional exfoliation with a body scrub suited to you. Once you feel younger and energised, pamper your face with a bespoke Pevonia Facial. Beware! After this unique therapy your friends may not recognise the new you!$