Make Life Better With Nature

Chi Wa Siam ExperienceTime 3 hrs
Pamper yourself with this ‘experience of a lifetime’. Kick start your treatment with a vitality-boosting Thai Herbal Steam followed by an exfoliating Body Scrub to compliment your individual skin type. Next, embrace the wonderfully therapeutic power of a Pevonia Body Wrap to combat deep tension and eliminate toxins. After a healing Mineral Bath, relax with a Four-hand Massage to ensure absolute relaxation. Finally, enjoy the ultimate Thai Facial. Feel the radiance and serenity as you emerge from this complete experience, renewed and refreshed.$3,500
Chi Wa Siam Summer DayTime 3 hrs
After the heat and sun of a tropical day, restore and protect your skin. Begin with your choice of a Chi-4 Beauty (Aloe Vera) Body Scrub or a soothing Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Wrap. Follow this with an Aromatherapy Warm Oil Massage blended with refreshing aromatic scents to restore the body and uplift the senses. Finish with a luxurious After Sun Facial Treatment. Get your summer glow today!$3,000
Paradise of Chi Wa Siam 1Time 3 hrs
This is your one-way ticket to paradise. Stress evaporates during our Thai Herbal Steam treatment. A Body Scrub follows to compliment your individual skin type. Next, a Thai Herbal Clay Body Wrap draws out years of accumulated pollutants. Then an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage erases tension and finally you are refreshed and beautified with a Pevonia Facial.$3,200
Paradise of Chi Wa Siam 2Time 3 hrs
The Paradise 2 therapy combines our most popular spa treatments into one heavenly experience. First, enjoy a healthy Thai Herbal Steam and embrace deep herbal breathing with our professional therapists. Next, receive a cleansing Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Scrub followed by an Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Wrap. Complete this intense pampering with a two-hour King of Chi Wa Siam Signature Massage and a Detoxifying Facial. Many call this their ‘best spa therapy eeeveer!’. After three hours of matchless pampering you emerge completely transformed.$3,500
Lanna ExplorerTime 3 hrs
Enjoy a spa experience that takes your body, mind, and spirit to an incredible place. Begin with a Thai Herbal Steam to cleanse underlying stress and prepare you for the purifying Body Scrub of your choice to extract toxins. Follow with a King of Chi Wa Siam Signature Massage to revitalise the body’s matrix and energy lines. Complete your journey with a bespoke Thai Facial treatment. Be amazed at how relaxed and energetic you feel.$3,200
Sensation of Chi Wa SiamTime 3 hrs
Begin with your choice of hydrotherapy in a Thai Herbal Compress Steam. Exfoliate your skin with a Chi-4 Beauty Body Scrub. Follow with a deep-cleansing Aloe Vera Lavender Body Wrap, a muscle-melting Ayurvedic Body Massage and a Head, Back and Shoulder Massage to remove residual stress. Finally, your serenity is completed with a cooling After Sun Facial Treatment. You owe your body this.$3,150

Please book at least one day in advance for these signature treatments.