V-max Generation HIFU

V-max helps to to improve wrinkles, skin elasticity, the appearance of lines and collagen production. HIFU thermal energy at 65 celsius is delivered into SMAS layer ( about 3.5 mm to 4.5 mm ) in the face skin and it contract skin muscle layer. Moreover, V-max enables to do obesity treatment by melting fat layer which is in between 10mm to 20 mm depth in the body skin.

Advantages :

1. V-max HIFU can release energy onto the targeted locations quickly and intensively.

2. The painless treatment only makes the customers feel slight heat so no anesthetic cream is needed.

3. It takes shorter time to complete the whole course of treatment than before.

4. The specially designed 2.5 cm handpiece can be even operated on delicate areas like the 2 sides of the nose.

5. It has 6 beauty functions – wrinkle removal, lifting, face shaping, the elimination of fat cells and cellulite, as well as the improvement in skin elasticity.

6. Approved by the KFDA, the safty of the machine is guaranteed.