Therapeutic Body Treatments

THAI TRADITIONAL RELAXING THERAPY30 mins45 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins
Thai Traditional Massage ( oil and lotion-free using simply the hands to relieve aches and pains )$185$265$340$500$665
Thai Traditional Lanna Massage ( oil and lotion-free using the hands, with additional focus on abdominal points )$205$295$380$560$745
Thai Classic Massage ( incorporates relieving lotion plus back, calf & sole rolling to improve well-being )$215$310$420$590$785
Thai Herbal Balm Massage ( incorporates herbal balm plus back, calf & sole rolling to improve well-being )$215$310$420$590$785
Thai Traditional Oil Massage – Back & Calves ( oil massage focusing only on back, calf & sole rolling )$215$310$420$590$785
Thai Combination Oil Massage ( our combination Thai Massage using oil for that feel-good glow )$265$385$520$740$985
FOCUS ON TECHNIQUES THERAPY30 mins45 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins
Thai Stretching Massage ( stretches all areas of the body to improve flexibility )$275$400$550$770$1025
Thai Pressure Points Massage ( improves overall well-being with the focus on deep pressure body energy points )$290$420$550$815$1085
Thai Yoga Massage ( uses slower techniques to improve body, mind and soul and promote flexibility )$290$420$550$815$1085
Thai Traditional Massage & Joints Therapy specific techniques improve joint flexibility & circulation )$290$420$550$815$1085
RELAXING TREATMENTS30 mins45 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins
Essential Oil Relaxing Massage ( a relaxing massage using odorless oil )$195$280$360$530$705
Jasmine ‘Silk of Touch’ Massage ( jasmine therapy and our ‘Silk of Touch’ secret will leave you completely relaxed )$210$305$390$575$765
Aromatherapy Refreshing Therapy Massage ( uses relaxtion strokes to boost body & soul after a long day )$275$400$520$770$1025
Lavender Therapy Massage ( balances body, mind & soul using lavender therapy to combat insomnia )$310$450$590$875$1165
Coconut Oil Therapy Massage ( organic skin care, benefits the joints and skin cells and boosts energy )$305$445$580$860$1145
Eucalyptus Therapy Massage ( invigorating massage to relieve colds, clear airways & improve tired muscles )$355$520$680$1010$1345
Aloe Skin Care Massage ( soothes & softens skin. Perfect after sun exposure )$315$460$600$890$1185
Swedish Massage ( combines Western & Asian techniques using rolling, chopping and fast & slow strokes )$325$475$620$920$1225
Milk Therapy Massage ( warm organic herbal oil & milk combined – ideal after sport to restore, renew & refresh )$1100$1550$2000
Vitamin E Therapy Massage ( nourishes skin cells & improves scars, stretch marks & darker skin areas )$1200$1700$2200
Rose Therapy Massage ( improves skin elasticity and lifts a tired mind with our magic touch technique )$1300$1850$2400
Serum Skin Care Massage ( strengthens skin cells and deeply nourishes & relaxes )$1400$2000$2600
Golden Therapy Massage ( eases muscle tightness & boosts skin radiance with collagen therapy )$1400$2000$2600
Buttocks, Hips & Calf Therapy Massage ( uses a variety of techniques including Thai medical to target stubborn areas )$1450$2075$2700
Forearm Therapy Massage ( combines Western & Asian techniques to improve body flexibility and skin tone )$1500$2150$2900
DEEP TISSUE MEDICAL THERAPY30 mins45 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins
Thai Medical Techniques Massage ( deep tissue intensive massage using nano cream & Thai medical techniques )$405$595$780$1160$1545
Thai Medical Oil Massage ( deep tissue intensive massage using oil & Thai medical techniques )$455$670$880$1310$1745
Tok Sen Thai Medical Therapy ( ‘ mallet & hammer ’ therapy targets deep pressure points & muscles )$505$745$980$1460$1945
Tok Sen & Rolling Muscles Therapy ( ‘ mallet & hammer ’ therapy with additional rolling )$565$835$1100$1075$2100
Thai Massage & Herbal Compress ( heals body, mind & soul with our own unique herbal compress )$405$595$780$1160$1545
Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Compress ( combines our own herbal compress with healing aromatherapy )$455$670$880$1310$1745
Gua Sha & Herbal Compress Therapy ( Thai techniques plus Chinese gentle skin scraping improve circulation  )$505$745$980$1460$1945
Cupping & Herbal Compress Therapy ( combines Chinese and Thai medical techniques for a variety of benefits )$505$745$980$1460$1945
DEEP MUSCLE HEALING THERAPY30 mins45 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins
Sport Massage ( oil massage relieves deep pain, tightness or tired muscles  )$355$520$680$1010$1345
Lymphatic Drainage Massage ( improves lymphatic system, reduces the appearance of cellulite & water retention )$505$745$980$1460$1945
Anti-Cellulite Massage ( strengthens skin cells & reduces the appearance of cellulite )$455$670$880$1310$1745
Muscle Healing Massage with G5 ( deep muscle healing using G5 improves muscle range and flexibility )$405$595$780$1060$1545
JUST FOR LADIES60 mins90 mins120 mins
Pregnancy-safe Massage Therapy ( relieves tension in the lower & upper back & buttocks. Alleviates swelling of the hands & feet )$680$1010$1345
Postpartum Massage Therapy ( Thai medical techniques ease water retention and muscle fatigue after delivery )$980$1310$1745
DEEP TISSUE & CLASSIC THERAPY60 mins90 mins120 mins
Deluxe Hot Stone Therapy ( restores, renews & refreshes body & mind. Finishes with cold stone relaxing therapy on the face )$990$1475$1960
Hot Stone Nava ( one-hour hot stone therapy focuses on the back & relieves tension. Longer sessions include other areas. )$780$1060$1545
Bamboo Massage Therapy ( traditional ‘ stick ’ massage which reduces pain & improves flexibility )$780$1060$1545


Shoulders, back, lower back, neck, head ( designed for ‘ office syndrome ’. Eases back & shoulder pain & tightness )35 Mins$449
Hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck, head ( combats the effects of excessive keyboard use )35 Mins$449
Indian Head Massage ( ancient healing therapy combines warm pure coconut oil & Thai pressure points medical techniques )35 Mins$449
Ear Candle Spa ( gently & effectively remove excess ear wax & debris with this safe, relaxing therapy )35 Mins$449
Abdominal Focus ( overall well-being is restored when the stomach is happy )35 Mins$449
Manual Face Lift ( immediate improvement of facial skin texture and tone with focus on face muscles & lymphatic points )35 Mins$449
Face Herbal Compress ( face reflexology using a warm healing compress benefits a tired body & mind )35 Mins$449
Ayurvedic Head & Face Therapy ( rebalance body and mind using special herbs )35 Mins$449
Manual Butt Lift ( we use a variety of techniques to combat the effects of sitting for long hours )35 Mins$449