Enhance both your look and your outlook with targeted facials for glowing skin. The fusion of cleansing, toning, gentle exfoliation, facial mask and massage reveals fresher, healthier, brighter skin. The end result is a younger, firmer, lovelier face! Treat your skin (and yourself) to any of our amazing facial treatments. These particular treatments are especially beneficial after sun exposure or following HIFU therapy.

Aftersun Facial
A treatment designed to soothe a sunburned face, restore freshness, correct uneven skin tone, comfort & calm redness and prolong the tan. The treatment uses renowned Pevonia skin care products and includes cleansing, toning, a gentle scrub, moisturizing mask and massage to revitalize, rehydrate and boost facial skin recovery.75 mins$1,280
Detoxifying Facial
Targeting problem skin due to pollution and stress, we use celebrated Pevonia skin care products to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface while encouraging cell renewal. This facial cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates while a facial massage relaxes facial features and energizes the skin. Great for all skin types.75 mins$1,380
Sensitive Skin Facial
This soothing treatment uses renowned Pevonia skin care products. The treatment is formulated for very delicate or sensitive skin. It soothes irritation and repairs the skin providing visible and lasting results. The treatment includes cleansing, toning, a gentle facial scrub, mask
and massage to remove dead skin cells and give you healthier and brighter skin.
75 mins$980
Classic Relaxation Facial
This facial treatment uses natural products and herbs to tone and firm facial skin. The combination of gentle water therapy, honey and black sesame purifies, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. The treatment ends with a relaxing facial mask, followed by moisturizer for a more radiant complexion. This rids the skin of toxins and promotes relaxation and improved energy flow.75 mins$1,520