Restore Repair Reboost 

Our highly trained skin care specialists provide an in depth skin analysis followed by recommendations best suited to your needs. Holistic aspects are also incorporated to ensure you feel relaxed, nourished and refreshed both during treatment and after your visit. Helping to keep your face healthier and younger looking, We use only the most carefully selected natural products.

SENSITIVE SKIN CARE ( focus on skin type )75 Mins$980
COMBINATION SKIN CARE ( focus on skin type )75 Mins$980
DRY SKIN CARE ( focus on skin type )75 Mins$980
OILY SKIN CARE ( focus on skin type )75 Mins$980
TEENAGE FACIAL ( designed to improve acne – prone and congested skin )45 Mins$480
EXCLUSIVE STEM CELL THERAPY ( deep cell skin care treatment restores, repairs, boosts and keeps skin smooth & young )90 Mins$1,680
EXCLUSIVE LIFTING LUMAFIRM THERAPY ( focus on deep cell muscles and wrinkles keeping sink younger & healthier )90 Mins$1,580
COLLAGEN EXCLUSIVE FACIAL THERAPY ( collagen nourishment to improve skin elasticity )90 Mins$1,480
DEEP CLEANSING DETOX FACIAL THERAPY ( deep cleansing to repair, boost & restore skin )90 Mins$1,380
MAN’S EXCLUSIVE SKIN CARE FACIAL ( optimise the health of your skin by keeping it energised and hydrated )80 Mins$1,280
AFTER SUN FACIAL ( combats dryness, heals skin and promotes cell renewal )80 Mins$1,180
ROSE RELAXATION ENERGY FACIAL THERAPY ( helps blood circulation and keeps skin beautiful )80 Mins$1,280
MULTI – VITAMIN POWERFUL FACIAL THERAPY ( a highly powerful treatment if you are concerned with the signs of ageing, hydration, protection & dehydration. It provides unmatched repair and regeneration to moisturize and soften skin )100 Mins$1,980
ANTI – AGEING HYDRATING RENEWAL THERAPY ( treat tired, very dry & dehydrated skin to maximum nourishment, hydration & protection against damage with firming botonica. Your skin will emerge moisturized, revitalized & calm.  )100 Mins$1,980
INTENSIVE PRINCESS 30+ CLEARING FACIAL THERAPY ( deep facial therapy removes shoulder, neck, head & face  tension. Gentle stimulation of pressure & lymphatic points combats insomnia, migraines, headaches & office syndrome. )100 Mins$1,980
INTENSIVE PRINCESS 30+ FACIAL  THERAPY ( this quickly relieves ultra – dry skin conditions & nourishes the driest skin whilst alleviating fine lines with the help of moisturizing additives  )100 Mins$1980
WELLNESS FACIAL THREAPY BY SASINA ( deep facial therapy removes tension from shoulders, neck, head & face while combating insomnia, migraines, headaches & office syndrome. Focus on facial pressure points & the lymphatic system improves well-being.  )120 Mins$2,100
EYE ZONE THERAPY ( ultrasonic treatment helps to stimulate the circulation & reduces fine lines and wrinkles )20 Mins$480
EYE COLLAGEN THERAPY ( improves circulation, skin elasticity & dark circles leaving eye area healthy & beautiful )20 Mins$480
EYE MASSAGE THERAPY ( relax as we combine hand techniques and organic facial oil to improve eye health & beauty )20 Mins$380