Hyrdrotherapy offers a range of benefits for both body and mind. Choose from our Aromatherapy Classic Milk Bath or the Siam Herbal Steam.

It’s the perfect antidote after a long day or to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments.

Aromatherapy Milk Bath
A warm bath calms the mind and improves circulation. Our Aromatherapy Milk Bath is a warm milky experience featuring the heavenly essential oils of Citrus, Lavender and Thai herbs. Find immediate relief from stress and anxiety and alleviate muscular pain the moment you step in.


revives a tired mind and body and prepares your skin for subsequent treatments

30 mins$350
Siam Herbal Steam
This popular hydrotherapy treatment is created by blending warm Thai herbs including: Turmeric, Prai, Lemongrass, Camphor and Kaffir lime. It awakens the senses while soothing, relaxing and reducing stress. Toxins are removed, circulation and respiratory functions are improved and the skin becomes supple and soft.

combats both fatigue and tired feet. Heals and refreshes body and mind ready for subsequent treatments

30 mins$380