Luxury Body Therapy for Women

Health & Beauty Inside & Out

Experience the incredible effects of our Women’s Body Treatments designed specifically for women to rejuvenate and beautify the skin whilst promoting health from the inside. We understand that juggling life, career, home, pregnancy, family & friends takes its toll on overall health and vitality. Our crafted women’s care treatments hydrate, detoxify, exfoliate & stimulate from head to toe. Enter the zen zone. Take a deep breath the moment you arrive. Absorb our warm and inviting atmosphere & leave your cares behind.

Browse our unique and innovative treatments using only natural, soothing ingredients designed to suit your skin type. Take the step forward and experience revitalized skin, a younger you & renewal from deep within.

Meridian Bust Therapy

Begins with gentle Lanluis Bust Treatment Machine using essential oil with rich plant extracts & ends with warm therapy.
Benefits include: bust is firmed and lifted, bust skin texture and contour improves, painful breasts due to pregnancy or menses are soothed and loose armpit skin is toned.
1 Hr$790

Mammary Glands Bust Therapy

Our technique includes lymphatic system therapy, stretch mark reduction and finishes with nourishing bust lotion & circular massage. Benefits include improved bust shape & skin is left smoother and silkier to the touch.90 Mins$1,280

Bust Volume Therapy

Benefits include a boost in bust size and improved overall shape.45 Mins$599

Bust Lifting Therapy

Benefits include bust tightening and softer, soother bust skin.45 Mins$599

Abdominal Ayurveda & Thai Medical Therapy

Benefits include an intestinal detox, overall improvement in body balance and a well-being boost.45 Mins$690

Body Ayurveda & Thai Medical Therapy

Beginning with the feet a herbal stomach detox follows. The therapy then incorporates a warm organic oil deep-tissue massage promoting relaxation using traditional Thai herbs. Finishes with head and face massage targeting pressure points with gentle strokes. Benefits include improved well-being, restored skin tone and a refreshed mind and soul.120 Mins$2,500

Half Body Ayurveda Therapy

Counter the effects of sitting for hours, keep in good shape and tone up the skin as we work on your lower body from the buttocks to the toes.
Benefits include improved blood circulation, cellulite reduction & better joint flexibility.
75 Mins$1,500

Bust Scrub

( soft & smooth scrub especially formulated for the sensitive bust area )30 Mins$250

Bust Mask

( organic mask )20 Mins$350