Worry no more! There are solutions to keeping beautiful skin during that very special time in your life. During pregnancy the skin is affected by intense hormonal changes. Some women reveal they have never had such healthy-looking skin, whilst others can safely say their skin never looked worse.


It is often rumoured that practically no beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy and that mums-to-be should avoid the spa until after breastfeeding. Skin during pregnancy can become extremely sensitive and merely the aroma of products can be overpowering during gestation. However, with Pevonia Botanica there is hope.


Your skin needs extra care during these important months and with the many formulations on offer from Pevonia, there is one which will work for you. Avoiding products which contain acids, synthetic substances or harsh chemicals is naturally the way to go. And that’s our way at Chi Wa Siam.


To give your skin the support it deserves during pregnancy we’d recommend using a gentle cleanser like Pevonia’s Sensitive Skin Cleanser and Lotion. If your skin has an oily or thicker texture the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is for you. Remember to be really careful as the skin may feel over sensitive. If you suffer from breakouts, stay away from acne management treatments and instead try the Propolis Concentrate to minimise blemishes.


To ward off UV damage and to prevent discolourations during pregnancy, use the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30. Stay away from any lightening products throughout your term.


And if abdominal stretch marks are a concern try the Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil “Anti-Stress” combined with Marine Elastin Cream. There are many more home care options to consider for both face and body depending on your concerns, and safe professional treatments which will improve your complexion making you feel radiant at this special time.