Massage Training Courses

Perfect Your Massage Technique by Learning Through Practice

Focusing on practical experience and a variety of massages, at Chi Wa Siam Spa we offer comprehensive massage courses to suit all levels. Our experts teach Thai Traditional as well as Westem massage techniques including Swedish and Aromatherapy massage and the fundamentals of massage physiology.

Students will receive hands-on training and support as they master wraps, facials, foot & hand spa secrets, manicures & pedicures and the effective and safe use of Thai aromatic herbs & herbal compress.

Each session is closely observed to ensure students develop a professional skill level from the start.

Foot Massage & Reflexology

In this course students will learn hand techniques and how to massage to relieve tension. Sessions will include instruction on using a wooden strick in reflexology and how to work with foot reflexology points.

Upon course completion students will be able to perform an effective 1-2 hour foot massage confidently.8 Hrs.$3,500

Thai Massage level 1

This course will appeal to anyone interested in the art of therapeutic Thai massage. We explain the key elements of traditional Thai massage including muscle groups, pressure points and stretching to open up energy lines. Instruction includes both theroretical teaching and hands-on practice. Traditonal Thai massage is recognised worldwide for its ability to improve health.

The course can be completed in 1 – 3 days or depending on the schedule.10 Hrs.$5,900

Aromatherapy Massage

The science of oil massage originated in the West. Thai Traditional medicine has used fragrances and herbs in healthcare for centuries. Our classes will take you through the steps needed to perform an effective Aromatherapy massage which induces deep relaxation and promotes healing by combining oil with massage techniques.

Manipulating pressure points along energy lines coupled with aromatherapy help to fight depression, relieve aches, manage pain and improve blood pressure.10 Hrs.$7,900

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage incorporates an extensive range of techniques. Students will learn the benefits of each of these from delicate strokes to deep-tissue work.

Knowing how to perform these procedures is the key to a successful Swedish massage.10 Hrs.$7,900

Hot Stone Massage

In this extremely comprehensive course students will learn how to perform a successful hot stone massage. Extensive knowledge of the massage and its benefits will give students the confidence to perform the procedure professionally. Students will discover a number of secret skills which will swiftly improve proficiency.

Upon course completion, students will be able to perform an effective 1-3 hot stone massage.12 Hrs.$9,500

Sports Massage

Massage has been a fundamental tool for restoring health and well- being for centuries. This hands-on course combines ancient healing with modern science allowing the therapist to experience a truly unique feeling of directly improving the health and well-being of the client. Students will learn to identify and treat a wide range of problems using basic and advanced massage techniques.

This course focuses on Hands ” techniques learning.10 Hrs.$8,000

Thai Massage with Herbal Compress

Students will learn how to make a herbal ball, effective steamer use and correct temperature control. Students are required to have a knowledge of basic Thai massage.

Upon course completion, students will be able to perform an effective 1-3 hour Herbal Hot Compress Massage.10 Hrs.$8,500

Manual Face Lift Techniques

Students will learn how to perform first-class, spa-quality face lifting techniques using only the hands. The face, neck and shoulders are targeted and students will master cleansing, toning, gentle scrubbing and face mask application techniques.

This massage detoxifies, improves skin tone, lifts facial muscles, minimises wrinkles & tightens skin with out surgery.10 Hrs.$8,500

Thai Medical Tok Sen Therapy

Tok Sen is a traditional therapy technique from Northern Thailand dating back thousands of years. Students will learn the art of Tok Sen Therapy using a wooden mallet and pile to gently stimulate key areas of the body. The therapy utilises “Sen” or lines of energy throughout the body to promote overall wellness.

Each student will receive a set of Tok Sen wooden tools to keep.12 Hrs.$9,500

Body Scrub

Students will learn the secrets of making a herbal scrub, correct hand techniques and effective body scrub strokes.

Upon course completion students will be able to perform an effective 1 hour body scrub.5 Hrs.$2,900

Manicures & Pedicures

This course will teach students how to perform professional manicures & pedicures in easy steps. You will feel like an expert in a matter of hours. Learn how to apply an amazing nail treatment and how to transform rough areas into baby soft skin. Perfect your techniques of scrubbing, soaking and massage and practise applying base coats to make nails resilient and top coats for awesome-looking nails.

Upon course completion students will be able to perform perfect manicures and pedicures in less than 2 hours.10  Hrs.$3,900